9.4.2019 - 8 puppies were born - 4 males and 4 females

Father: MARON du Manoir Noble, World winner, 2x European winner, Interchamipon, Champion PL, CZ, LV, D, exam IPO1, PT1, HD A health tests, CSNB clear, eU free

TIFFANY Nadina Sis, Interchampion CIB, CIE, Champion CZ, PL, SK, Cr, exam IPO 1,2, ZM, ZVV1, ZZO1, PT1, PT2, ZOP, IPO ZTP, IPO VO, HD A health tests, CSNB clear, eU free

Puppies come from a long line of show successful dogs - in the 5th generation CRUFTS Victory, 6 World winners, UEBB winners, national multichampions of many European countries. The puppies' mother gave quality litter and cheerful puppies in the last litter, her daughter is the World Junior Winner 2018 and the European Winner 2018. They are always kept at work. They are great dog companions, they also work as canistherapy dogs.


Contact: Mgr.Naděžda Střalková, e-mail: nadina-sis@volny.cz, tel.: 606957777, www.nadina-sis.com

Litter "W" Nadina-Sis born 2.7.2017

TIFFANY Nadina-Sis and NILSSON du Manoir Noble
(Kennedy Sa Nadina-Sis & Usually the Best M.Campanella x  Emiliano du manoir Noble  & Kachou du Manoir Noble )
geb 26/2/2013 Homozygot fauve - geb 20/5/2014 Heterozygoot black

In this connection, we expect puppies of exceptional exterior and top working character - both parents are guided in lines of excellent brides with a long tradition of work and performance tests! Excellent character is a prerequisite for great family dogs and excellent start for sports life with a dog ...


Titles: INTERCHAMPION – C.I.B.+C.I.E., Champion Czech republik, Champion of Slowakai, Champion of Poland, Champion of Croatia, Selectionné Czech republik 2016
Working test:
  ZOP, ZPU1, ZZO, ZZO1,BH,  ZM, ZVV1, FPR1, FPr2, SPr1, IPO1, IPO2,  PT1, VZ


Titles: Deutscher jugend Champion VDH , Deutscher jugend Champion BCD,Champion Luxembourg, Deutcher Champion VDH, Beste Briard reu in CFH 2015, Selectionné Niederlande 2016
Working test: Mantrailing Prüfung A, B, C

Health tests:
Tiffany: HD A/A, EB 0/0, CSNB clear, eU normal (ohne Befund)
Nilsson: HD A, CSNB clear, eU normal (ohne Befund), DNA