The history of nadina sis:

In 1982, I have seen „Briard“ for the first time in my life. By coincidence it was a fair one. He charmed me by his beautiful hair and lively character.But at the same time I prepared my two-year-old German shepard for the top examination and I also hadn´t got enough money and time for such a pretentious breed.

The first meeting was really only a passing but for me it meant an unforgettable experience. Me as a person who grew up together with the dogs I immediately knew I will once have this breed.

Then the following events gained a very rapid drift. During the other four years I had to release the dogs of my mind. First, because of my pregnancy ( a son) and of my studing at the univerzity – I was quite bussy with preparing for the final state examination and what else I finished my professional training. Too much things to do all at once. After all my husband asked me what would be a sufficient fee for my long-termed psychic and temporal strain. Then I spelled my wishful thinking – to have a dog again! It should be aslo a present for my successful graduation. But suddenly there arose a problem with choosing the right breed. According to my ideas it had to be a big dog with long hair, sufficiently mentaly well-balanced (because of my little son and location of our flat – the center of a city) and finaly I put the emphasis to a very good anticipation for sports training which has been still my biggest hobby. So the result was clear – Briard.

Then the things developed very easily. That was why I had known Dr. Kocurova from plenty of kinologic events so that I asked her for an advice. In that time, we had expected a hopeful litter after CLAUDINA from Ecolon from the foreign service so I asked Dr. Vidas if it would be possible to gain puppy of that couple. After several years I found out that they had hardly decided and checked my kinologic abilities. I must avow I didn´t turn out well. They told me if you are able to prepare two-year-old dog for the ZW3 examination you have to use very hard methods which are not acceptable for briards! But finaly they had changed they verdict and we could come and take the puppy.

The second wave of pessimism came after the breeder had seen me standing in the doors . He told me:“ You as a person who weight 44 kg you want to manage briard and on the top of it the dog ( a male)! Maybe we did not calmed Dr. Vigas. At the end of it we returned home with a fair hair dog who looked like a bear (I supposed I will come with a black bitch) and who had got very dominant character- master of all living.

Suddenly, I had to sound the kinologic world from the other side.The training came very well but we had to slowly recognize the world of shows and seducation. It was quite interesting and instructive for whole my family. We gradually met new and new friends but afterwords with the increasing successes we also gained them as well.

We called Arrow -Sam at home and because of his character we loved him very much.Well, he was „the brother of our son“.But when we returned home from Dortmund in 1991 with the title „World´s champion“ I realized that the dog, who live with us and whom we loved as much as other members of the family, was not an ordinary one. And that fact conduced us to an idea to continue with breeding and the history of briards in our family. So that we had opened the discussion with my husband on this theme and the result was very possitive for me because I was able to enforce my long-termed dream „ Black bitch“.

Another chapter of our briard´s roman was called CONSUELA. She was a beatiful princess from the beginning. That was the reason to give her the name „ Princess Sisi“. At first she was still provoking Sam, she went crazy after children, simply she loved and has been still loving everything living. She was quite different from Sam since the early beginning.She has never taken training seriously. She has always thought she is playing a game, she is making sport of it,frolicing and so on. So, I have never been able to make her to do the right discipline. It was simply our Sisi.

After three years ful of shows and other breeding events we realized –each bitch must have puppies at least once a life and our princess, no doubt, needs a bridegroom with the perfect merits. So that we went to Belgium to see „a World´s champion“. The result was – many puppies who were taken to experienced breeders´hands. After year, when we had used to see „our children“ on the shows and other events I knew at once that our life took a new direction = Dog´s world.

Coincidence, we still had at home Scarlet ( ASQUITH) who was very hard-working and very temperament so that she enriched our life by plenty of herdsman experiences because lively and herdsman´s character were her very good merit. She practised her abilities every day on our rabbit ram – blue Murek.

During the second litter we chosen with bigger resoponsibility and consequentiality. But our delight from other babies was overshadowed by one unpleasant remembrance. Even the dogs are here together with us only a short time. Our irrecoverable Sam suddenly wasn´t here and that is why there remained only the biggest fidget from the litter – temperament and too hilarious Sagal (BEAD LILAC). It looked as if she wanted to compensate the gain of Sam. She has been supporting herself not only at home, in the family but she has also gathered her successes mainly in the shows.

Dog´s world has got its own sides which are covered to the normal way of life. Another dimension to our family life was given by the import of the adult ones. Two very hopeful and successful bitches DONA Vigo and CLARY Kasiterit gave birth ( together with their ex-owner) to several briards who, as we hope, will further broaden high repute of the briard´s breed.

The time has been still running and the briard´s one as well. In 2000, Scarlet gave birth to two black ones – small GINGER and GOSHAWK. Today they start to present themselves as very hopeful representatives of the breed in the class of juniors and even first in the classes of adult ones.

The other litter, after Segal, has already seen the light of the world.We have got black and fair ones at home and together with their new owners we are planning their another dog´s life. Our other children have gradually flown away to all places of the world and now we are expecting what kind of way their fate and breeding career will be developed in.

Not everything comes according to our ideas in our life. We experience acrid moments of sad sayings goodbye again and again. The 24th of December in 2001 was the day when Scarlet left us forever but she has been still engrave inside our hearts and mind as the bravest dog that we have ever had. Even in the last moments of her life she have been haughty and reigning briard of our pack.

And what is the most beautiful aspect on the briard´s history? We have got many friends all over the world and we are still in the narrow contact, we exchange our experiences, we still persue the successes of our descendents and besides we also share troubles and worries concerning to our dogs. These things are easily going when you cooperate with other breeders who form one big family as I have always been saying and delight of all is afterwards multiple.

Many successes for all breeders.

Yours sincerely,

Mgr. Nadia Stralkova with all breeading stations NADINA SIS.

Mgr. Nadia Stralkova